Before Sherri


After Sherri


Priority review: We start with discussing what your priorities are for using your office space and discussing your challenges with the current office setup.

Furniture flow: Together, we determine if any furniture or equipment is no longer beneficial and if additional items need to be brought in.

Your very own coach: Having me work as your “coach” and direct the project helps keep you from being distracted – for example, it’s so easy to be tempted to read through letters we unearth!

What to do with all that paper: Next, we go through all that paper, boxing up archival items – and, of course, tossing/shredding items no longer needed – and set up a filing system that is customized for your needs.

Filing not piling!: We will talk about multiple options for keeping the paper off of your desk until the time when you need to work with it. My filing system allows you to have a clear understanding of where items are filed, rather than wondering if filing something means never seeing it again. And since it is customized for you, the file references will make sense, allowing the paper-flow in your office to work for you!

Who has the final word?: You do, of course! Everything I suggest can be given the thumbs up or thumbs down by you.

Confidentiality: I not only pride myself on my strong sense of confidentiality but being trusted this many years by so many clients has been heart-warming.